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We strive to practise chiropractic and acupuncture in a gentle and safe manner. When you are a little concerned about the thrust techniques that sometimes produce a cracking sound commonly known as ‘chiropractic adjustment’, it can be substituted with gentler treatment techniques to suit your needs. Also with acupuncture treatment, if you have a needle phobia, needles can be replaced with sticker needles or roller acupuncture which does not pierce the skin, or acupressure to provide stimulation to focal therapeutic points. There are many varieties of treatment techniques in our toolbox, and you will be advised of the best treatment options to attend to your specific needs. So, patients of all ages and people who feel uneasy with conventional manipulative techniques are welcomed.

Flexibility and stabilisation is the key to joint health and well-being. This means, a joint must move freely without limitation and it needs to be well supported by surrounding muscles. Out of all the structures that comprise a joint, muscle plays a crucial role in maintaining flexibility and support as it’s the only structure that has the ability to contract and lengthen. 

Then what brings about a muscle to tighten up or become weak?. Our nervous system is the ultimate regulator of muscles and other joint structures including tendons and associated blood vessels. A nerve may malfunction when it’s overloaded with harmful (noxious) signals generated due to overuse, overload, overexertion, and repetitive use of a joint. As a result, the nerve loses its ability to relax and nurture joint structures. The principle behind treatments rendered at Acuro Clinic is to restore normal joint function. This can be achieved via applying therapeutic stimulation to pathological tissues in order to facilitate relaxation, increased pain tolerance, and promote the natural healing process.

Our body is a complex system and it responds to diverse types of therapeutic stimulations. We know that there is no single answer to all muscle and joint (neuromusculoskeletal) problems and this is why we utilise a variety of modalities to find the optimal treatment for your condition.

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'We strive to restore normal muscle and joint function'

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