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Drop Piece Table and Impulse Adjusting Instrument 
‘No cracking, but light and precise’

An activator device and drop piece table can be utilised as an alternative to manual adjustment techniques as it offers gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments. Activator device and drop piece table can be applied on older adults, children, the acute patients, and those who prefer a gentler type of treatment technique as opposed to a chiropractic manual adjustment.


The activator is a spring-loaded adjusting device that provides gentle but fast and precise impulse stimulation directly to the spinal joint aim to correct malpositioning of a vertebra and relaxation of deep spinal muscle tension.


The drop piece table is based on the mechanism using gravity and a patient's weight in which a drop piece is placed under only enough tension to hold the patient before the drop thrust adjustment is rendered.

The dropping of the table allows for a lighter and gentler manual adjustment with no reduction in effectiveness. Another benefit of using a drop piece table is, during a physical examination, chiropractors can adjust as needed when incorrect positioning of a joint is noticed without changing the patient's position.

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