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Physical Therapy Session
Stretching and Strengthening Exercises
‘Lubricating and tightening nuts and bolts’

Flexibility and stabilisation is the key to the joint health and well-being. This means, a joint must move freely without limitation and it needs to be well supported by surrounding muscles. Out of all the structures that comprise a joint, muscle plays a crucial role in maintaining flexibility and support as it’s the only structure that has the ability to contract and lengthen.

Stretching exercises can help to regain flexibility, and strengthening exercises will build up your muscle tone. Depending on your needs and according to your physical examination findings, we may prescribe you with a set of exercises to do in your spare time. 

After all, you have the most control over your condition and the success in recovery relies on how you manage it. The self exercises will empower you to manage your own condition more directly and specifically.

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