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Postural Advice 

‘Learning correct ways to take a load off postural muscles and maintaining a healthy

s-line curve’

It is considered that about 60% of muscle mass is dedicated to opposing gravity. Our posture is maintained by tonic muscle contractions acting against gravity and stabilising the positions of body segments or bones. 

Prolonged poor posture undermines the health of our spine and joints.


At Acuro Clinic, postural advice will be given based on your physical examination findings. We will help you to understand reasonings for the prescribed stretching and strengthening exercises and together, we will address the fundamental postural issues that may lead to musculoskeletal problems in the future. 

Our aim is to restore and maintain natural spinal curvature which plays a crucial role as a shock absorber and facilitator of distributing body weight equally over spinal joints. We are hoping to give helpful hints for how to safely use your spine and body in daily activities whether it’s the household tasks or work-related duties. 

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