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We are here to help you


muscle and joint pain? 

Here is how we can
  • Our evidence-based, comprehensive approach employs a combination of chiropractic care, acupuncture, and focal soft tissue massage therapy to resolve your health issues from various angles.

  •  At Acuro Clinic, we look for the underlying cause, the root of your condition, treating it at the source instead of the symptom

  • You are the one who has the most control over your condition and the success in recovery relies on how you play your part in recovery. We will empower you with the knowledge and self exercises to manage your own condition more directly and specifically.

  • We will help you to be back on your feet again, enjoy your daily life free of pain. However, our ultimate goal is to enhance your joint and muscle function so that optimal joint health is maintained and future recurrence is prevented.

  • We strive to practice chiropractic and acupuncture in a gentle and safe manner. So, patients of all ages and people who may feel uneasy with conventional manipulative techniques are welcomed.

  • The actual practical hands-on techniques are utilised to treat your muscle and joint conditions. We aim to provide a more precise, specific, and advanced form of therapeutic stimulations to treat your condition. There are diverse types of treatment techniques in our toolbox, and you will be advised of the best treatment options to attend to your specific condition.

  • At Acuro Clinic, the practitioner will be with you the whole time during the session to attend to your needs. You won't be left alone.

  • Your treatment plan is completely customised to your condition, age, body build, and preference for a type of therapy because every single person is unique in their own way and after all, treatment is about finding the right key for the right lock.

  • We take rigorous measures in hygiene. Disposable needles and gloves are standard practice in our clinic.

Why choose us as your carer?
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