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Shoulder Treatment


Acupuncture close up
Combined Care Management: chiropractic and acupuncture
‘The more the better’

Our ultimate goal is to alleviate symptoms and restore normal muscle and joint functions. The combined management of a condition with both chiropractic and acupuncture care would be an ideal way to achieve this goal. This is because our body is an extremely complex system and it reacts and responds to diverse types of therapeutic stimulations. We know that there is no single answer to all muscle and joint problems and this is why it would be more effective to utilise a variety of modalities to find the optimal treatment for your condition. Each of the modality take different approaches in treating pathological tissue and have distinctive therapeutic effects on the human body.

There are various types of nerve sensors in our muscles and joints that respond to diverse types of therapeutic stimulus. Acupuncture utilises needles to penetrate deep into the muscles, skin, and tissues to stimulate sensors that activates when it perceives sharp pricking, stinging sensations. Whereas, chiropractic treatment stimulates nerve sensors such as mechanoreceptors and proprioceptors within our joint structures that are activated by pressure, vibration, movement of joints, and stretching of the muscles and joints. The treatment would be more effective if we could touch on these multiple aspects of the nervous system to draw out more comprehensive therapeutic response. On this account, combined care management of acupuncture and chiropractic may create a beneficial synergy effect in treating musculoskeletal conditions and may result in superior treatment outcomes compared to being performed alone.

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