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Providing Care for Older Adults and Seniors 
‘We are gentle’

Many older adults and seniors are unaware of the benefits that chiropractic and acupuncture can offer in treating musculoskeletal conditions. Especially in regards to chiropractic care, some may have a misconception that chiropractic treatment is only suitable for younger people. This is mostly attributed to concerns over thrust adjustments that chiropractors perform in order to treat misalignments of the spinal joints. However, we have a variety of gentle, low force techniques in our tool box so that we are able to render treatments similar to what a physiotherapist, osteopath, or massage therapist may offer. At Acuro Clinic, we are equipped with a diverse treatment techniques to suit individual needs depending on age, body build, and characteristics of the condition. It is assured that our treatments will be delivered in a gentle and a careful manner.


Chiropractic management in conjunction with acupuncture and other therapies we provide can help to improve not only the mobility of the spine but also of the extremities such as shoulder, wrist, hip, and knee joints. By means of combined management, joint supporting muscles can be more relaxed allowing more flexibility in joints which we lack in the later stage of our lives. When joint stiffness is alleviated, we may be able to slow down the progression of degenerative changes. As a result, performing daily tasks will be much lighter and enjoyable.  

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